This blog tells the story of the television series Game of Thrones, one scene at a time (in almost chronological order), supplemented by the source material from the book series which does not contradict the adaptation’s version. Also included are publicity materials, reviews and commentaries, as well as some relevant fan fiction and art. Enjoy!

1. Books’ Leap to TV
2. Invitation to Westeros (Official Promo & Featurette)
3. Prologue (TV)
4. Prologue (Bk)
5. Title Sequence (S1E01)
6. Jon Arryn’s Funeral
7. Night’s Watch Deserter
8. A Day at Winterfell with House Stark
9. Execution of Will (Bk)
10. Execution of Will (TV)
11. Riding Home After Execution
12. Discovery of Direwolves (Bk)
13. Discovery of Direwolves (TV)
14. Catelyn and the Godswood
15. Raven from King’s Landing (TV)
16. Raven from King’s Landing (Bk)
17. Preparing for King’s Arrival
18. Maps of Westeros
19. Looking Across the Narrow Sea
20. Preparing for the Khal (Bk)
21. Preparing for the Khal (TV)
22. Waiting to Meet Drogo
23. Bride Offer to Drogo (TV)
24. Bride Offer to Drogo (Bk)
25. After Offering to Drogo