15. Raven from King’s Landing (TV)

Season 1 Episode 1 Winter is Coming
Location: Winterfell, The North, Westeros

[A raven approaches Winterfell. CATELYN crosses a busy courtyard and finds NED in the godswood.]

CATELYN: All these years and I still feel like an outsider when I come here.

NED: You have five Northern children. You’re not an outsider.

CATELYN: I wonder if the old gods agree.

NED: It’s your gods with all the rules.

CATELYN: I am so sorry, my love.

NED: Tell me.

CATELYN: There was a raven from King’s Landing. Jon Arryn is dead. A fever took him. I know he was like a father to you.

NED: Your sister. The boy…

CATELYN: They both have their health. Gods be good. [pause] The raven brought more news. The King rides for Winterfell. With the Queen and all the rest of them.

NED: He’s coming this far North, there’s only one thing he’s after.

CATELYN: You can always say no, Ned.


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