8. A Day at Winterfell with House Stark

Season 1 Episode 1 Winter is Coming
Location: Winterfell, The North, Westeros

[A rider rides into Winterfell, where BRAN is practicing archery and getting frustrated, under the eyes of JON SNOW and ROBB STARK. JON pats BRAN’s shoulder.]

JON: Go on. Father’s watching.

[We see NED and CATELYN STARK watching from above.]

JON: And your mother.

[Scene shifts to needlework practice with the girls inside the castle.]

SEPTA MODANE (to SANSA): Fine work, as always. Well done.

SANSA: Thank you.

SEPTA MODANE: I love the detail that you’ve managed to get in this corners… Quite beautiful… the stitching…

[As she murmurs to SANSA about the embroidery, ARYA struggles with her needlework and listens to the arrows hitting and the male laughter outside. Outside, BRAN tries and misses again. Everyone laughs.]

NED: And which one of you was a marksman at ten? Keep practicing, Bran. Go on.

JON: Don’t think too much, Bran.

ROBB: Relax your bow arm.

[BRAN pulls the arrow back. An arrow hits the bullseye. BRAN (still with his arrow), JON, and ROBB turn in surprise to see ARYA, who curtsies after her perfect shot. ROBB and JON laugh as BRAN takes out after ARYA.]

JON/ROBB: Quick, Bran, faster!

[RODRICK CASSEL approach NEDCATELYN and THEON GREYJOY on the balcony.]

CASSEL: Lord Stark. My lady. A guardsman just rode in from the hills. They’ve captured a deserter from the Night’s Watch.

[NED grimaces.]

NED: Get the lads to saddle their horses.

[THEON departs.]

CATELYN: Do you have to?

NED: He swore an oath, Cat.

CASSEL: The law is law, my lady.

NED: Tell Bran he’s coming too.

[CASSEL nods and departs.]

CATELYN: Ned. Ten is too young to see such things.

NED: He won’t be a boy forever. And winter is coming.

[NED departs. In the courtyard, ROBB and JON gather the arrows. CATELYN turns and glares down on JON. He looks at her, then looks down.]


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