3. Prologue (Show)

Season 1 Episode 1 Winter is Coming
Location: Castle Black & The Haunted Forest, Beyond The Wall, Westeros

[Opens with three Rangers riding through a tunnel, leaving the Wall, and going into the woods. One Ranger splits off and finds a campsite full of mutilated bodies, including a child hanging from a tree branch. A bird’s-eye view shows the bodies arranged in a shield-like pattern. The Ranger rides back to the other two.]

WAYMAR ROYCE: What d’you expect? They’re savages. One lot steals a goat from another lot and before you know it, they’re ripping each other to pieces.

WILL: I’ve never seen Wildlings do a thing like this. I’ve never seen a thing like this, not ever in my life.

WAYMAR ROYCE: How close did you get?

WILL: Close as any man would.

GARED: We should head back to the Wall.

ROYCE: Do the dead frighten you?

GARED: Our orders were to track the Wildlings. We tracked them. They won’t trouble us no more.

ROYCE: You don’t think he’ll ask us how they died? Get back on your horse.

[GARED grumbles.]

WILL: Whatever did it to them could do it to us. They even killed the children.

ROYCE: It’s a good thing we’re not children. You want to run away south, run away. Of course, they will behead you as a deserter… If I don’t catch you first. Get back on your horse. I won’t say it again.

[WILL glares, but obeys. Sometime later, the three Rangers return to the campsite, which is now completely cleared.]

ROYCE: Your dead men seem to have moved camp.

WILL: They were here.

GARED: See where they went.

[The three look around, swords drawn. They hear the wind and eerie calls. GARED finds a red cloth in the snow.]

ROYCE: What is it?

GARED: It’s…

[As he speaks, a CREATURE with glowing blue eyes rises behind ROYCE. ROYCE turns, the CREATURE strikes. The scene shifts to WILL, who hears a man crying out. The three horses stampede past him. He turns and sees someone standing very still in the distance. The figure turns – it’s the child who had been suspended in the tree, now with glowing blue eyes. WILL turns and runs. GARED is also fleeing, and we hear strange growls and catch glimpses of the CREATURE. Both terrified Rangers stop, some distance apart, to catch their breath. WILL sees the CREATURE behead GARED. WILL sinks to his knees and the CREATURE tosses GARED’s head to him.]


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